Analog collage

Analog collages made with vintage pictures or vintage pieces of paper. 

Graphic design and illustration

This is mainly digitally edited work and graphic design. 
Some of the work is made with a scanned vintage picture or vintage paper as a background.

Paint on vintage pictures

These artworks are made with paint on found vintage pictures. 

Mixed media female portraits

These artworks are made with paint on found vintage pictures. 

tribal mixed media artwork

collage and drawing on picture

drawing on picture

Pink mixed media

female portrait

drawing on picture

mixed media illustration

mixed media

mixed media

mixed media


faith illustration

graphic mixed media artwork

acrylic and pastel on magazine

mixed media artwork

mixed media portrait in pink


Art in public space

ocean plastic art

Small bag design

Textile design

poster design

kiteboard design

Towel design

Posters for festival

pattern design

Mirrored pictures

these works were created by mirroring photos. I use my own photos as well as found analog photos. the results are a surprise every time, 
that's why it's so much fun to make

Renske Herder

Website of Dutch artist Renske Herder.
Renske is living on the Caribbean island Bonaire.

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