Renske Herder is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, born in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (1986). She works in the fields of textile design, collage, graphic art, painting. She received her master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering and honered her skills working in the field of surface design and product styling.  

After this she decided to dedicate more of her time to art making and spend more time outdoors. She quit her job and now lives and works on the Caribbean island Bonaire with her husband and two boys of 1 and 4 years old. 

Renske’s body of work consists of figurative paintings, abstract paintings and mixed media artworks. Often existing photographs (found or made) are the starting point of new work. Afterwards the photo can no longer be recognized and the scene has become more like a personal memory or fantasy. Clothing and backgrounds are mostly a free interpretation. Since Renske lives on Bonaire local scenes became more and more visible in her paintings.

Things I love besides creating

Bike packing

We cycled from Harlingen, The Netherlands to Barcelona. This is the most fun thing I ever did and I'm dreaming of doing a big trip again. We have little children now, so I don't know when it's going to be...


This is our family. We live on the caribbean island Bonaire. This is where we can live a real beach / outdoor life and still have a structured daily routine with our children. It's the best of both worlds at the moment.  


I used to be really stoked about kitesurfing and also participated in competitions. I still love it, but now it's more of a nice workout and getaway to me. I'm a real beach and ocean lover, so it's always fun to go out. 


I love outdoorsy stuff like camping. This picture is made during our bicycle trip. 

Bike packing adventures, the ocean, camping, my family 

Art Practice

My practice combines photography, collage and painting on walls, products and canvas to explore a sense of place and cultural history. Images are often the starting point of a new work. This can be a found photo that catches my eye or a photo I took myself. I paint or draw on this image or combine several images into a new whole that expresses the feeling of adventure. I am always looking for images that are known and unknown at the same time or combined past and present. In addition I love to make abstract patterns for surfaces like textiles, packaging, products and walls. I think it's very interesting how a surface design changes the whole outlook of a place or product.

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Renske is living on the Caribbean island Bonaire.

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